Learn­ing together

All chil­dren are encour­aged to spend a lot of time togeth­er. When ages between 1 and 5 col­lab­or­ate amaz­ing learn­ing curves are developed. Older chil­dren take on respons­ib­il­ity and empathy towards young­er chil­dren, they also learn to feel val­ued when young­er chil­dren need their guid­ance and sup­port such as learn­ing new tasks, games and play.

Young­er chil­dren learn more from older chil­dren than they would if in a group of peers who are of a sim­il­ar stage of devel­op­ment. Learn­ing to speak and com­mu­nic­ate, play and learn all hap­pens at a faster pace when it is being demon­strated through­out the day by older children.
Montessori very much encour­ages dif­fer­ent age groups to work togeth­er as it instils new learn­ing areas and skill in all of the children.

We encour­age many activ­it­ies and games that sup­port team work, to be patient and so forth.
Learn­ing togeth­er is a very big part of the CLP’s eth­os and is equally encour­aged when work­ing togeth­er with families….