Meistä – Kirkkonummi Masala

Masala CLP opens January 2024

In our large newly renovated house, we have created a peaceful and natural learning environment for children, allowing them to have relaxing and unhurried days.

Here a child can shape their everyday life according to their own interests and likes. Adventure education and experiential pedagogy are strongly integrated into our activities, and we encourage children to be creative and discover things for themselves.

We fit 58 Children, that are separated into 3 groups.
1-2 year olds Caterpillars
3-4 year olds Cocoons
5-6 year olds Butterflies

Routines and flexibility

We tend to like our routines and it’s very important for children to have consistency. It makes even adults feel more secure and gives the feeling that everything is under control. However, life rarely goes as planned and often throws wrenches in our carefully placed gears.

At CLP, we follow a daily routine, but we also learn to roll with it. We learn to embrace unexpected changes. One of the most important lessons working with children is to let go of any pre- plans and observe the situation we are in, in other words, if the children are having a great session engaged in deep learning, it might be that a story time gets a little shortened to have a bit more time to finish what we are doing.

Playing and moving

Children learn through playing and moving. Outside time allows children many opportunities to investigate and move in different types of terrain.

We have small group play throughout the week such as physical development, music, arts and story times. Children receive the tools and resources to express themselves freely and learn many new things.

Interaction and our community

In the centre of the children’s learning is their peer group and belonging to our community. We support this by going on walks in the area, visiting the library, theatre and neighbour parks.

We have a circle time at least once a day where children have time to discuss their thoughts, ideas and interests.

Through free play children learn to regulate their emotions. When children are participating in role play and other imaginative play with their peers for example playing in the home corner, they can dress up, go to the shop etc. learning communication and negotiation skills, as well as developing their imagination.

Listening skills and adult presence.

Respect and positive communication is very important. We teach by example , how to respect, be polite and taking others into consideration.

We listen to the children and their families wishes and needs and the children are always present when we are planning ideas for the group. Through observation, discussion, story and planning time, we make sure that every child’s voice is heard and the children are at the heart and centre in everything we do.

Daily schedule

7:30 Children arrive. Morning communal play begins after cheerful greetings, and we also have breakfast together at 8am.

9:15 Morning Circle: The day begins with a communal morning circle where children can share their ideas and plan the day’s activities together.

10:00 Time to go outside! Children get to play and explore nature. Our very own outdoor space or nearby forests are the perfect place for adventures.

11:15 Lunchtime: Children eat together and talk about the day’s events.

12:00 Rest Time: A peaceful and essential part of the daily schedule. Children rest in comfortable beds or mats, listening to quiet music or relaxing stories. This moment allows children to rest, calm down, and recharge their energy for upcoming adventures and creative activities. Rest time promotes physical and emotional well-being and helps children focus and learn better in the later part of the day.

13:00 Free Play: This is a time for creativity! Children can choose from various art and craft projects, such as painting, crafting, and playing freely with their friends.

14:15 Snack Time: Children sit together and enjoy a healthy snack. A small snack helps to keep their energy up.

14:45 Organized Dance and Exercise Sessions, Yoga, and Singing: These are times when children can move and express themselves creatively under the guidance of the teacher.

15:15 Storytime at the daycare is a magical time when children gather to hear wonderful stories. They sit comfortably, listen to exciting tales, and embark on adventures in the world of imagination. Stories open the door to new adventures, impart valuable life lessons, and inspire children to love stories and reading. This moment is full of magic and education.

15:30 Outdoors: Children have the opportunity to play outside together, like climbing, running, and inventing their own games. Outdoor games provide a chance to learn about friendship, teamwork, and the joy of movement while exploring the surrounding nature.

17.00 Home Time: Children leave with smiles and laughter, ready to share their day’s adventures with their families.

This is just one possible daily schedule at CLP’s daycare. Every day is full of new adventures and opportunities for creative expression. We aim to ensure that every child experiences a supportive, inspiring, and educational atmosphere every day.