Bilingual programme

Finnish English daycare

We welcome all children into the Creative Learning Playschool, regardless of their first language. Every child’s own culture and language are celebrated daily at daycare, and provide us with relevant opportunities to broaden an understanding of the world around us.

CLP is a great option for parents who would like their child to learn an additional language

Studies have long proven the benefits of children learning more than one language. For example children can learn to develop more control over behaviour and attention span, enhances concentration and critical thinking skills, not to mention giving children an academic advantage.

Giving children the possibility to learn a new language opens up many opportunities for them especially when living in such an international world. Learning languages allows for a foundation for having more tools in the future to openly communicate there ideas, wishes and needs.

We use a variety of methods to support and introduce English such as picture cards, textile and visual resources, and of course through lots of song, dance, drama, and conversation.

Children are exposed to both languages every day. We believe it is important that the children develop a high standard of language skills in both English and Finnish. Through speaking, singing, poems, stories and role-play, the children acquire a rich vocabulary in both languages.

The children’s languages, cultures and beliefs are a visible and valuable part of our routines. Children are provided with opportunities to learn about different languages. The aim is for them to either learn Finnish or have their Finnish language supported and extended. The same goes with English.

One teacher one language philosophy. However, it is important for each child to feel understood and to be able to communicate.

Each group has a Finnish teacher who is responsible for the support and development of the Finnish speaking children’s mother tongue and also work as the S2 teacher, giving additional support to non-Finnish speaking children.

English is supported according to the principles of language immersion pedagogics. The adults speak English to the children and the children are encouraged to use English. There are plenty of opportunities to practise English throughout the day, however, the children may use Finnish whenever they want.

The adults carry with them throughout the day picture cards that represent emotions and feelings as well as schedules and routines. These cards play a significant role with all children regardless of language ability. Children can find the picture they need independently, or the adult can confirm what a child needs or what will be happening next. These are a great form of communication regardless of the child’s language needs.

Repetition is paramount, such as singing songs like tidy up and circle time and other transitioning times. These help support changes in routine and allows a child to feel secure. Transitioning times can be very hard for some children and they cant always picture the next thing in their minds which can make them feel insecure. So using song, pictures and others visuals along with key words are supporting every child throughout the day.