Bilin­gual programme

We wel­come all chil­dren into the cre­at­ive learn­ing play­school, regard­less of their first lan­guage.  Every child’s own cul­ture and lan­guage are cel­eb­rated daily at play­school, and provide us with rel­ev­ant oppor­tun­it­ies to broaden an under­stand­ing of the world around us.

Cre­at­ive Learn­ing Play­school is a bilin­gual Eng­lish-Finnish early learn­ing centre. Eng­lish is the primary lan­guage but for those who would like to choose bilin­gual option will receive 8-10 hours of Finnish per week with a nat­ive speaker.

A second language

CLP is a great option for par­ents who would like their child to learn a second language.

Stud­ies have long proven the bene­fits of chil­dren learn­ing more than one lan­guage. For example chil­dren can learn to devel­op more con­trol over beha­viour and atten­tion span.

We use a vari­ety of meth­ods to sup­port and intro­duce Eng­lish such as pic­ture cards, Makaton signs, tex­tile and visu­al resources, and of course through lots of song, dance, drama, and conversation.

While Eng­lish and Finnish instruc­tion change on a weekly basis, the chil­dren are exposed to both lan­guages every day. We believe it is import­ant that the chil­dren devel­op a high stand­ard of lan­guage skills in both Eng­lish and Finnish. Through speak­ing, singing, poems, stor­ies and role-play, the chil­dren acquire a rich vocab­u­lary in both languages.