You have the options to choose between part-time or full-time sessions.

A Ses­sion runs from 7.00–12.00 or 12.30–17.30. There are 5 hours in one session. 


35 + hours  - 289,-

21 - 35 hours.  231,-

Up to 20 hours. 173,-            

50% Sib­ling dis­count                              

Please make sure you fill in the muni­cip­al form as soon as pos­sible to col­lect your sup­port. you can loc­ated it form the fol­low­ing link; Kirkkonummi par­ents;  https://www.kirkkonummi.fi/hakeminen-varhaiskasvatukseen

Siuntio Par­ents;  https://www.siuntio.fi/varhaiskasvatuksen-lomakkeet