The start of a new jour­ney!

The start of a new jour­ney!

HI! My name is Ria McCormick and I live in Inkoo Fin­land with my 3 chil­dren and hus­band. About me For the past 20 years I have worked in child edu­ca­tion which I abso­lutely love and could nev­er think of doing any­thing else. I recently star­ted my own day­care and with it…

The start of a new jour­ney!

The start of a new jour­ney!

HI! My name is Ria McCormick and I live in Inkoo Fin­land with my 3 chil­dren and hus­band. About me For the past 20 years I have worked in child edu­ca­tion which I abso­lutely love and could nev­er think of doing any­thing else. I recently star­ted my own day­care and with it…

Leikkiä, oppia ja maail­maan tutus­tumista

CLP:n missio on tar­jota korkealuokkais­ta hoitoa ja opetusta lap­sille, rauhal­lisessa ja rakastavas­sa ympäristössä. Par­haiden var­haisvu­osi­en strate­gioiden sov­eltamis­en lisäk­si, lapsenne ovat turval­lisessa paikassa, mis­sä he oppivat ja kehittyvät yksilöinä tutki­en maail­man ihmeitä ympärillään.

Uusi päiväkoti avataan 17.8.2020

Helsingin Öster­sun­domissa


Me CLP:llä olemme sit­ou­tun­eet kehit­tämään haastavaa ja kan­nustavaa oppimisym­päristöä ja vaalimaan lasten into­himoa oppimiseen ja luovaan ajat­teluun.

Kak­sikielin­en ohjelma

Luovan oppimis­en leikkikoulu on kak­sikielin­en, suomi-englanti, aikais­en oppimis­en keskus. Toivot­amme kaikki lap­set ter­vetul­leiksi luovan oppimis­en leikkikouluun, huoli­matta heidän äidinkielestään.

Van­hem­mat kump­pan­eina

Van­hempi­en rooli on tärkein. Tietämyk­sellänne ja ymmärry­k­sellänne voimme varmistaa yhdessä, että lapsenne yksilöl­lis­et tarpeet huomi­oid­aan.

Tai­an­o­main­en paikka tutkimuk­sille ja uteli­aisuudelle

Olemme luon­eet ympäristön, joka tukee lasten älyl­listä, sosi­aalista, emo­tion­aalista ja luovaa kas­vua sekä kehitys­tä, ikään sop­ivilla akt­iv­it­eeteilla ja opetus­suun­nitel­malla.

Koken­eet opettajamme rohkai­s­evat luovuuteen ja oppimiseen hauskan­pidon, leikin, musiikin ja tanssin väl­ityk­sellä. Kan­sain­välin­en ympäristömme on tilaisuus, jossa lap­set oppivat muista kult­tuureista, tun­nistavat erovaisuuk­sia sekä oppivat hyväk­syn­tää. Yhteisömme on tärkeä meille ja sillä on tärkeä rooli kasvatusopis­s­amme.

Learn­ing togeth­er

All chil­dren are encour­aged to spend a lot of time togeth­er. When ages between 1 and 5 col­lab­or­ate amaz­ing learn­ing curves are developed. Older chil­dren take on respons­ib­il­ity and empathy towards young­er chil­dren, they also learn to feel val­ued when young­er chil­dren need their guid­ance and sup­port such as learn­ing new tasks, games and play.

Young­er chil­dren learn more from older chil­dren than they would if in a group of peers who are of a sim­il­ar stage of devel­op­ment. Learn­ing to speak and com­mu­nic­ate, play and learn all hap­pens at a faster pace when it is being demon­strated through­out the day by older chil­dren.
Montessori very much encour­ages dif­fer­ent age groups to work togeth­er as it instils new learn­ing areas and skill in all of the chil­dren.

We encour­age many activ­it­ies and games that sup­port team work, to be patient and so forth.
Learn­ing togeth­er is a very big part of the CLP’s eth­os and is equally encour­aged when work­ing togeth­er with fam­il­ies….

High qual­ity care

Provid­ing High Qual­ity Care is the fore­front of our play­school. All our Teach­ers are highly qual­i­fied in Early years Edu­ca­tion. All staff mem­bers carry a first aid cer­ti­fic­ate and hygiene pass.

It is para­mount that all staff are accur­ately vet­ted before allowed to work in our centre and must go on a 4 month train­ing peri­od.

We encour­age ongo­ing train­ing through­out the year for all staff mem­bers, to keep up with cur­rent early years the­or­ies and prac­tice.

The rela­tion­ship between the CLP and fam­il­ies is extremely import­ant to us and we make sure that good pos­it­ive com­mu­nic­a­tion is a pri­or­ity. Through vari­ous means of com­mu­nic­a­tion, we keep you up to date with your child’s pro­gress and devel­op­ment includ­ing yearly meet­ings and func­tions.

Val­ues and respons­ib­il­it­ies

The word ‘envir­on­ment’ evokes images of pristine oceans, lakes and forests pop­u­lated by diverse vari­et­ies of fish, anim­als and plants, but it also reminds us of pol­luted air, dirty water, dead fish, fossil-fuelled agri­cul­ture, park­ing lots, high­ways and so on. It is our respons­ib­il­ity to teach chil­dren empathy towards the plan­et we live on through pos­it­ive rein­force­ments that pro­mote respons­ib­il­it­ies such as; recyc­ling and waste reduc­tion, caring for nature, agri­cul­ture and to instil gen­er­al know­ledge about how to pro­tect the home we live in.

Respect, kind­ness, hon­esty, cour­age, per­sever­ance, self-dis­cip­line, com­pas­sion, gen­er­os­ity, are all val­ues that every­one should foster, these are val­ues that the CLP foster, how to accept everyone’s indi­vidu­al­ity and dif­fer­ences is a big part of our eth­os.

Daily sched­ule

Grow­ing and learn­ing through play

We tend to like our routines and it is very import­ant for chil­dren to have con­sist­ency, It makes even adults feel more secure and gives the illu­sion that everything is under con­trol.
How­ever, life rarely goes as planned and often throws  wrenches in our care­fully placed gears.

At CLP, we fol­low a daily routine but we also learn to roll with it, we learn to embrace unex­pec­ted changes. One of the most import­ant les­sons learned work­ing with chil­dren is to let go of any pre- plans and observe the situ­ation we are in, in oth­er words, if the chil­dren are hav­ing a great ses­sion, build­ing, engaged in deep learn­ing it might be that a story time get’s a little shortened to have a bit more time doing what we need to do.

Daily sched­ule

7.30 Wel­come

7.45-8.30 Break­fast and free play

9.00 Out­door adventures/ Forest school:

We have a won­der­ful garden area filled with adven­ture and dis­cov­ery. There is a forest area attached to the garden where chil­dren can freely go with a teach­er and use inde­pend­ently. We have little kotas and camp areas for chil­dren to enjoy in all weath­er.

10.15 Circle time: Circle time helps chil­dren devel­op com­mu­nic­a­tion and self-con­fid­ence with the group. It is designed to empower chil­dren to par­ti­cip­ate in dis­cus­sion about their interests, feel­ings etc. Chil­dren learn how to work togeth­er in a group. We sing and play games and dis­cuss the day ahead.

10.30 Group play and activ­it­ies: We have dif­fer­ent centres avail­able for chil­dren to choose where they dis­cov­er and learn through their own curi­os­ity. Each space is designed to sup­port areas of devel­op­ment. The envir­on­ment is set up for hol­ist­ic learn­ing, where chil­dren can dis­cov­er, cre­ate and fol­low their own interest inde­pend­ently with the sup­port of their teach­er and with their peers.

11.30 Lunch: Our lunch comes from the loc­al Ges­terby school.

12.00 Storytime: Increases a child’s atten­tion span, enhances visu­al dis­crim­in­a­tion skills, aud­it­ory pro­cessing, will rein­force word recog­ni­tion, exam­ine social situ­ations and beha­viours and instill a love of books. Read­ing to chil­dren excites their curi­os­ity and leads them to have fur­ther adven­tures in their own minds.

12.30 Quite time and nap time for the young­est. At QT we do many dif­fer­ent activ­it­ies to help chil­dren relax and find their quiet space such as mind­ful­ness activ­it­ies, yoga and music ther­apy.

14.00 Short after­noon circle time/get togeth­er

14.15 Snack time: we serve a high qual­ity snack that con­sists of fruit, veget­ables, bread with all the top­pings, milk and water. Water is also avail­able for the chil­dren through­out the day

14.30 After­noon play/adult focus ses­sion

15.45 Storytime

16.00 Out­side dis­cov­ery

17.30 Home time

Adult led Ses­sions

Through­out the week we do many ses­sions where the teach­ers focus on dif­fer­ent areas of devel­op­ment


Chil­dren get to design own recip­ies, learn to meas­ure, cre­at­ing dif­fer­ent tastes from both famil­i­ar and unfa­mil­i­ar ingredi­ents.

Phys­ic­al edu­ca­tion

Exer­cise means play­ing and being phys­ic­ally act­ive.  Act­ive play is part of our cur­riculum which allows for both mod­er­ate and high levels of phys­ic­al activ­it­ies both indoors and out­doors in vari­ous forms such as through dance and drama.

Show and tell

On Fri­days, each child can bring a favour­ite toy or an object of interest to play­school to show to every­one and talk about it. How­ever, your child is free to bring a toy every day as it can help with set­tling in and form­ing friend­ships.

Terms and con­di­tions of con­tract

To enable us to provide and main­tain the highest of stand­ards of care, CLP requires all par­ents to be aware of the fol­low­ing terms and con­di­tions and to abide by them.

Please note that any changes occur­ring at oth­er times must be com­mu­nic­ated to the play­school dir­ectly.


Your child’s attend­ance can be ses­sion-based (weekly sched­ule), half-time or full-time. As there are two ses­sions each day (morn­ing and after­noon), you can book your child’s attend­ance between four and ten ses­sions a week. Fees are charged based on these book­ings.


No child may leave the school unless accom­pan­ied by an adult stated on the regis­tra­tion agree­ment. Any oth­er per­son who is not stated on the regis­tra­tion agree­ment must be agreed upon by both guard­i­an par­ents.

A late pick up fee (40€) can be issued in the case of extreme tardi­ness.

Any issues con­cern­ing your child’s pick up please con­tact Ria.



There is a non-refund­able 150e regis­tra­tion fee. This regis­tra­tion fee and the first month’s fee are pay­able once your child’s applic­a­tion has been accep­ted. You child’s enrol­ment is only con­firmed when both fees have been paid. The total amount is non-refund­able in the event of can­cel­la­tion.

The pay­ment is made for 12 months, how­ever, par­ents do not pay for July as kela alone cov­ers the sum­mer deduc­tion fee.

We are closed dur­ing the month of July, on nation­al hol­i­days, and between Christ­mas and New Year.

By pay­ing the regis­tra­tion fee, par­ents are con­firm­ing that they have agreed to the CLP’s Terms and Con­di­tions of con­tract and the CLP policies.

To change a child’s attend­ance, notice of one full cal­en­dar month or more must be giv­en, using the attend­ance adjust­ment form.

If your child is leav­ing the CLP, notice of three full cal­en­dar months or more must be giv­en. For example, if you wish to leave in June you must noti­fy the play­school by the end of Feb­ru­ary.

Pay­ments should be made to the school bank account in accord­ance with the monthly invoice issued in the middle of each cal­en­dar month.

No refunds are giv­en for missed attend­ance. This includes absence due to private hol­i­days or sick­ness.

Fees include a healthy break­fast, lunch and an after­noon snack.

All chil­dren are fully insured dur­ing school hours.

Changes to terms and con­di­tions of con­tract

We main­tain the right to change our terms and con­di­tions policies as and when it is neces­sary.


To bring with you

  • Nap­pies and wipes (if needed)
  • Cuddle toy for rest time (if needed)
  • Change of cloth­ing
  • Appro­pri­ate out­door wear, warm and water­proof
  • Indoor slip­pers to keep little feet warm and clean

The chil­dren are encour­aged to play with messy activ­it­ies such as paint, glue, sand, water and so forth through­out the day, there­fore it is para­mount that chil­dren wear ‘work clothes’ to play­school that you don’t mind get­ting dirty. We do offer and encour­age aprons but in our exper­i­ence paint always finds a way.