You have the options to choose between part-time or full-time place. Part-time is 5 ses­sions a week and full­time is 10 ses­sions a week.

A Ses­sion runs from 7.30–12.30 or 12.30–17.30.

Each muni­cip­al sup­ple­ment (kun­t­al­isä) is dif­fer­ent. The fee struc­ture below is based on Kirkkonummi’s muni­cip­al sup­ple­ment. Please check your area for an accur­ate fee struc­ture.

Full­time fee for over 3 years old and over;  884.38, par­ents pay 310,-                           

Part­time fee for over 3 years old and over; 572,- par­ents pay 0.                                      

Full­time fee for under 3 years old; 1082,25 par­ents pay 310,-                                  

Part-time fee for under 3 years old: 770,00 Par­ents pay 0,-                                               

Ses­sion;  25,-

A 10% dis­count is giv­en for all sib­lings.

Please make sure you fill in the Kela form WH1 as soon as pos­sible to col­lect your Kela sup­port. As soon as the Sup­port comes in it will be deduc­ted from your invoice. Please go into forms to find the Kela WH1 doc­u­ment