We are a daycare that offers creative play and learning everyday.

At the CLP, we are committed to create an environment where the imagination has no limits. We want to support every child’s own natural learning path and give them the freedom for creative thinking. Our colourful, warm and stimulating environments both inside and outdoors set the ideal foundation for children to investigate and learn new things. We support each child’s individual creativity and curiosity and the same time offer inspiring and safe surroundings.

The National Early Years Curriculum Pedagogy

We follow the national early years curriculum, highlighting curiosity and art in our pedagogy.

Curiosity and creativity are the foundation for supporting early years pedagogy.

We execute the ‘curiosity approach’ learning philosophy, which supports and encourages independent learning and choice making.

Children need the opportunity to touch, feel, handle and to investigate how things work. We use the environment as the foundation for learning, through nature, materials and resources that are pedagogically appropriate and support children’s natural curiosity. All materials are available for the children to use throughout the day, and we encourage independent use of them.

Art and stories

Throughout our day, we use a lot of stories and drama and through art we can discuss for example our feelings. Our stories turn into paintings and drawings to help use talk and make sense of our feelings and emotions.

Artistic activities foster intellectual development that stimulate the brain, increasing the capacity of memory, attention and concentration.

Daily routines are a big part of our daily learning. We take care that discussions and interactions are positive, kind and supportive for children to feel safe and loved that build confidence and independence.

Creative activities

We work a lot in small groups. The environment has many play areas where children can independently devise into, such as sand and water play, paint, playdough table, drawing, building, playing in the home corner or sitting for a quiet moment in the book corner, relaxing in the sensory room, making a boat in the soft block area, let some steam out in the gym room or let the creativity flow in the open music room.

We use images and videos as learning tools. We collect photos together with the children and write up children’s daily experiences in their individual portfolio, where parents can also see how their little ones are getting on at playschool.

We have a lot of free play throughout the day. Free play encourages creativity and the ability to exercise independent choices. When creativity and imagination flow, children develop their own thinking skills and mental growth, especially when provided with opportunities for trying new ideas and new ways of thinking and problem-solving.