Sustainability in our daycare

Sustainability is something that we have been working hard towards and is a big part of our curriculum. Our sustainability policy marks commitment to improving all areas of our service to make them more sustainability and environmentally friendly. Knowledge and habits of sustainability should be built at a young age. By modelling good practice, we are inspiring children to make a difference to their world.

How we do it and our plans

The children are involved in planting herbs and other vegetables. It helps them understanding where food comes from and decreases carbon footprints when we grow our own food or order from local sources. Maintaining our gardens together encourages children to care for the garden and nature. We reuse rainwater to water our crops and we produce soil from our own bio waste.

Learning about recycling

We use recycled resources in the art centre which allows for art to be produces in a more sustainable way.

We have reduced plastic resources by half by not buying plastic toys ect.

We serve vegetarian food

When discussing recycling, many children knew what it meant. Do you know what it means?

The green flag project

We are part of the green flag project. On our brainstorm wall we collect ideas on ways to help and protect our environment. Such as not littering, looking after plantation, and treating animals with kindness i.e. having a bug hotel and putting food out for the birds. Nurturing, understanding and respect of nature and natural processes.

We teach and support children’s knowledge about the environment

Early years is a natural place to begin the conversation about sustainability. Teaching our children about the planet from the earliest age is a very important part of our pedagogy.

Children learn to take the right amount of food at meal times to minimise waste. We can use both sides of the drawing paper, turning water taps off so not to waste water and using 1 hand-towel at a time when drying our hands.

We are planning our own recycling spot, where families can both bring and take secondhand items such as clothes, toys and books.

Our mission is to inspire and empower our children as they are the planets future and sustainability should be in every daycare and school as an important and valuable part of the curriculum.