Yoga & Mindfulness

Yoga together

It is important to allow ourselves to stop and breath and to take a minute in our busy day.

Yoga and mindfulness are a big part of our curriculum. Together with a trained yoga instructor the children learn to self-regulate and calm the mind and body down. Yoga supports children who can get stressed and or have anxiety, and is a great tool to recognise what is happening to our bodies and brings awareness to our emotions that are important life skills. Yoga supports positive body awareness and confidence as we learn new poses and experience moving our bodies in different ways also supporting co-ordination and balance.

Story yoga “imagine you are a sunflower”

Story yoga is an interactive yoga training, that leads children’s imagination through different types of stories. Picture cards and demonstration is used to model how we can move our bodies in different ways. We use music and sounds, books and other materials such as scarfs, bubbles, paintbrushes etc. that provide a physical outlet for children to express themselves.

Different types of yoga poses help children to learn to balance and control their bodies.

Language development is a big part of yoga sessions as children are encouraged to use yoga picture cards to recreate their own stories and movements encouraging self-esteem and confidence.